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E3 Career Jumpstart is a job readiness course offered by the Middle Georgia Regional Commission and Central Georgia Technical College. The Middle Georgia Regional Commission recently began partnering with Central Georgia Technical College on the E3 program. People can be eligible for the program if they are dislocated workers who lost their job through no fault of their own, or if they are adults who may be underemployed or are seeking job training and meet certain income guidelines, said E3 coordinator Howard Scott, with the Regional Commission. Two studies have estimated that in the next decade there could be 2 million U.S. manufacturing jobs that are not filled because of a gap in skills, according to Deloitte, a company that helps provide financial, consulting and other services. The first three weeks of E3 feature classroom training at CGTC. You dont recognize what it means to an employer to be able to say this person showed up on time for five days a week, eight hours a day, said Laura Mathis, executive director of the commission. To take a chance on someone coming out of the transition center or might not have a job for a number of years, to say for the last couple of months theyve been committed is important. The impact of that exchange program is one of the reasons Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Virgil Watkins has joined Commissioner Al Tillman in promoting workforce development programs to the public. Watkins journey into politics was aided by taking part in another workforce development program, a summer work exchange for teenagers. Participating in the summer program at City Hall with several departments prepared him to become a councilman and then a commissioner, he said. For me and a lot of people that went through it, it was a really good opportunity, Watkins said.

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interview skills

It’s also acceptable to ask when the organisation will expect to let people know the outcome of their application. This might include researching any current events that might relate to the organization or industry, the organization’s goals and objectives, and the history of the company. You have received an invitation to interview for a new job: congratulations! Spell his or her name correctly! It’s only when you’re in a calm, relaxed state that you can think on your feet, recall the stories you’ve practice, and provide clear answers to an interviewer’s questions. Professional business clothes are always appropriate, regardless of the type of job you are interviewing for. It often happens that, during the interview, all the points that you had noted down to ask about will be covered before you get to this stage. Why, you ask? find out hereWrite sample interview questions that are likely to uncover the attributes you identified as important.

interview skills

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